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Limitations - content
It is prohibited to post to Forums-Free forums the following contents:
  • content that is pornographic or adult related;
  • Issue with this forum ->> content that has been left unmoderated;
  • content which when displyed, downloaded, or copied will not comply with or will infringe on any rights of any third party (e.g. rapidshare files);
  • content that is considered spam, is machine generated, or includes any commercial content;
  • content that drives traffic or search engine optimization benefits to another party or another site;
  • content that is defamatory or libellous, or contains threats or incites violence, or violates privacy or publicity rights of others;
  • content related to hackers or crackers, illegal software or "warez";
  • content related to illegal drugs, pharmacies, and related materials;
  • content which includes excessive obscene language;
  • content related to gambling and casinos;
  • forum is named to mislead users as to its intention;
  • forums or content that is advertised via spam, including posting on newsgroups, mass emails, or similar unsolicited means of promotion;
  • forums in which individuals use multiple identities for posting.

  • Terms of use

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