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Forum Post count Number of users Forum description
chatterz 8,101 23 Welcome to the new Chatterz
t33n 94 16 Site For Teenagers
sportz 78 9 community discussions
parentingmultiples 16 9 help and support forum for parents of two or more, by twins-store Ltd
lets-talk-flowers 14 1 help and support forum
giddytoads 13 5 A place for everyone to be.
sowhat 9 1 A forum for anything and everything!
lateralcanvas 8 4 Tips, and Legitimate Advice for Online Marketers
ackworth1year 7 3 Anythting you want to know
dabdab 6 2 MiX YouR MiND
toolforschool 5 2 Your Grades Are Important
happyhousewives 1 2 Designed for Housewives
theunfamiliarpath 0 1 A Forum to provide support and understanding for individuals suffering with mental health problems and eating disorders
adultprovidernews 0 1 Valerie's Closet