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Forum Post count Number of users Forum description
anime-share 14 6 Anime Gaming forum
animecosplay 14 3 Anime, Manga and Cosplay forum
anime-card 13 2 Here you can talk about different anime shows and card games.
animecity 12 1 Roleplay and more
anime-it-help-n-general 10 3 Anime: Lets talk about anything Anime/Manga Including Fav Picks and What's New, IT Help: Got a question , Need to know any IT Terms/Lingo Means, If it's IT Ask IT All questions welcome :) , Or discuss anything in General all welcome.
ami 9 3 The place for Anime and Manga news from the US, UK and JAPAN
animecentral 3 1 Site description
animeayos 3 1 anime site for fans by a fan
anime-world 3 1 Helping
anime-stories 3 1 Making Fun With Anime
anime-spot 3 1 Anime Lovers Only!
anime-dimensions 3 1 Enjoy your stay in this Dimension full of Anime's!
angelz 3 1 un sitio web sobre anime
agempowered 3 1 Discuss anime and games freely
1080 3 1 Discuss Anime
animefantasy 2 2 Raise to The Best
animechest 2 1 Unleash the Anime World
anime2all 2 1 A Fantastic Forum
anime-fanatic 2 1 Unite all anime fans!
animeacademy 0 1 A place to break free from everything realistic and boring.